October 01, 2014

Plagiarism. #2


For the last week class, i have learnt about plagiarism. What is it mean, the categories and how to avoid doing it. First of all, "plagiarism" may be defined as tge stealing of other people's written work. The written work can be video, image and variety of media. Everyone should be more attention to this issue of plagiarism. This issue oftenly occur among the student. Sometimes they dont realize that they are plagiarize people work because they dont really know about it.
Here are some categories and level of plagiarism:
●total copying
●major copying
●pacthwork copying 
●substituting words
●clumsy paraphrasing
●incorrect paraphrasing
●copying of opinions and arguements
●incorrect citing of sources

i love to share it. i hope you like it .

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