October 14, 2014

Sources Material


     Good morning! Okay, here i would like to share what i have learned today. SOURCES MATERIAL? What it is? It is something that you will use as sources. The easiest example is when you need to finish an assignment you need to have a sources material in other to complete it. Sources material could be from newspaper, magazines, internet et cetera. Nowadays, we can see that most of the student like to use sources from internet. For sure, i also like to used it. This is because it is easy to access. But do you know that not everything on internet van be trusted? Therefore, we need to be cautious.

      You need to be careful with the sources, the validation of the sources,the reliable and credible or not the sources for the academic writing. the examples of less reliable sources are blog, discussion, yahoo answer and so on. meanwhile, the more reliable sources could be journal. There are some strategies that you could use in writing an academic writing. first of all, by looking at the URL address. Usually, the URL address that can be used are .gov, .edu, .ac, .org. Second, you have to check the content based on the author, intended writing for, it is bias or prejudice or not and the references. the last strategy is checking the currency. Check whether it is outdated or not and also the copyright. 

i love to share it. i hope you like it .

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